Apr 19, 2014

The Art Of Post Apocalyptic Street Sign Machetes

Wait, what? This recent video interview by Animal New York goes into the art of Coby Kennedy, an artist currently executing his vision of a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn set 400 years in the future. Working off a narrative that he's crafted in his head, Coby's vision centers around the remaining residents of Brooklyn using collected scrap and repurposing them to defend themselves against invaders and well..each other.

Alongside the repertoire of street sign choppers, Coby also threw in a machine gun vending machine, hyper realistic paintings of the types of characters who'd don such weapons and more to fully round out his vision. The entire thing feels like a pleasant blend of a half pinch Fallout with a handful of Borderlands. Leaning over one of his sharpened street sign machetes, Coby utters: Good enough to kill a motherfu**er! We couldn't agree more.

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