Apr 19, 2014

Chet Faker - "1988"

Directed by Domenico Barolo of Flutter, this latest music video for Aussie electro crafstman Chet Faker (Nicholas James Murphy) is a relaxing affair. Nicholas adopted the 'Faker' stage name after realizing he was getting confused with an already established artist who had his same name. Having a relatively common name can suck when it comes to performing arts, yeah?

I really loved learning about his approach to music, opting on creating 'background' music that actually complements thinking rather than dominating it. I've come to appreciate that over the years as a working artist, sometimes you just want music that doesn't cloud the creative process, just pleasant background music to accompany the groove you get in.

1988 is a great example of this philosophy in practice, offering some mellow, understated beats with a mild vocal accompaniment. Easy listening with a really cool music video featuring whom I assume is Murphy walking through an abstract landscape of patterns, shapes and beyond.

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