Mar 5, 2014

The Art Of NexusRoku

Paris based artist/illustrator/Awesomerobo reader and all around geek NexusRoku (Aka Laurie Greasley) recently dropped us a line to share some of his work, and we absolutely loved it. With a graphic style that resembles a mixture of bande desinee as well as elements of Geoff Darrow's chaotic cityscapes in comics like Hard Boiled, there's a lot to love here.

As well as fanart of series like Ironman, Laurie also has some really compelling personal pieces that showed off a love of storytelling. Two pieces in particular seem to be centered around a traditional eastern style painter practicing his craft amidst a chaotic cyberpunk city, and they offer a really cool thematic contrast and tell a story of past meets present, tradition meets tomorrow.

Pieces like that, which focus on the everyday man and the story he has to tell are truly compelling and really absorb you into the world they live in. Having watched the remake of Bladerunner recently, I really wanted to know more about the way people lived their everyday lives in their dystopian version of Earth. Laurie's work kind of taps into that curiosity, and we're honestly just left wanting more. Follow him on Tumblr and check out more of his awesome pieces after the break!

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