Mar 5, 2014

SOMA Gets New PS4 Trailer

SOMA is one of the few titles that continues to leave me scratching my head at the end of each trailer. The concept seems absolutely brilliant, and Frictional Games (the team behind Amnesia) tackling  sci-fi horror looks like a match made in heaven but I can't seem to grasp what direction the game's story is truly headed in.

The game's visuals are quite blatantly inspired by the surrealist master H.R. Giger, and that most certainly isn't a bad thing although I would like to see a bit more in-terms of exploration rather than long hallway shots the trailers seem to frequently cut to. Unlike previous trailers, this newest entry titled Theta has a little bit more in store than a simple rundown of the game's environment, this time we're getting some story action.

Judging from the small snippets of dialogue it doesn't seem like Frictional Games is tackling a rogue AI as some have suspected, instead it seems to focus more on human interaction between technology (although we could all be completely wrong with this). Being a giant Harlan Ellison fan I'm ecstatic to see SOMA travel down a much more sinister sci-fi path, it definitely adds to the overall sense of fear.

The game won't be out until 2015 though, giving plenty of time for us to speculate as to just what the hell SOMA will end up being.

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