Mar 5, 2014

Italy's Percro Unveils It's First Exosuit Prototype

Interesting. When we think of robotic innovation Italy has rarely been in the headline in this regard, but the folks at Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (PERCRO) in Pisa just unveiled a really cool looking prototype called a 'body extender.' Allowing it's wearer to lift up to 50kg (Approx. 100 pounds) per arm, the exoskeleton is currently intended to be used for manufacturing and search and rescue work.

Among others, Japan's Cyberdyne (I'm not kidding) corporation has already taken a stab at the concept with their HAL (Hybrid Assisted Limb) system, a more streamlined looking suit with intended usage in both civilian and military functions, including cleanup duty in Fukushima. It's been amazing to see such a wide variety of prototypes from around the world in the last few years. Also considering Google's recent slew of acquisitions, including Boston Dynamics, it seems like robotics are going to be the next big gold rush for tech companies moving ahead. Not that we mind, of course.

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