Mar 5, 2014


Fuga is both the Italian and Spanish word for 'escape,' and Juan Antion Espigares' short is a phenomenal short which uses a mixture of CG, hand animation and live action footage to narrate a chilling tale. A girl with a desire to musically succeed ends up crossing the path of an obsessed individual with nothing to lose.

The beautiful pastel aesthetic is a little jarring at first, but over time it is revealed that the world around these two is only an interpretation due to the affliction that these girls share. The haunting orchestral score by Arturo Díez Boscovich really took this short to another level. For anyone who enjoyed Black Swan, this might hit a familiar tune.

Sara, who has just arrived at St Cecilia's Conservatory, will discover there are different ways to interpret each side of the prism from which she perceives her reality and talent.

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