Mar 10, 2014

Clark's 'Riff Through The Fog' Shows Mastery Of The Oscilloscope

Clark is near impossible to place into one genre, his constant drive to change things up keeps his releases fresh and unexpected. Clark's newest batch of releases have been nothing short of amazing and the accompanying music videos have made some awesome use of an oscilloscope. With no video editing and one shot, Riff Through The Fog is a visual treat, providing some awesome visualization to Clark's soothing electronic beats.

For those unfamiliar with how an oscilloscope works, music video creator Adoxo does a fantastic job explaining it's use and the process for the music video over here. The use of rolling shutter and the pulsating visuals adds a really unique experience to Clark's music and gets me pretty damn excited to see how he incorporates the oscilloscope in future shows. For the first music video off the Superscopre single take a look after the break, the beat is a bit darker but equally as awesome.

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