Mar 10, 2014

The Art Of Julian Totino Tedesco

Aside from having an awesome name, Julian Totino Tedesco is currently a very successful comic cover artist and illustrator from Argentina. I first ran into his work in the tie in comics for Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed Last of Us, and discovered that he's been around the block. As well as doing a good quantity of work for both Marvel and DC, he's also had a chance to work on Image's The Walking Dead, as well as countless others.

His style definitely leans more towards the painterly side of the spectrum, with some truly creative compositions with eye catching color schemes. He effectively uses negative space in his pieces to pop the characters, and his pieces use detail falloff to create focus. Looking closely you can see elements of artists including John Foster and even hints of Brom. Check out more of his work after the break!

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