Feb 10, 2014

Keep An Eye Out On Adventure Game 'Traverser'

For a game with absolutely zero gameplay, Traverser  has managed to capture my complete attention. The first game by Gatling Goat Studios is jumping on board the adventure game train, and it's full speed ahead with some sexy art and animation. Telling the tale of the female protagonist, Valerie, players will find themselves switching between to worlds to avoid guards. Gravity will apparently play a large role in the game's mechanics, giving each world a different feel.

I'm very rarely a fan of trailers that involve zero gameplay, but for a game early in development with Traverser this trailer has got me hyped. A quick glimpse at the game's art style had me hooked and I'm excited to see how this game progresses. For more information on Gatling Goat Studios, you can click over here to jump over to their website.

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