Jan 6, 2014

One Minute in Mexico

You guys ever been to Mexico? I had a chance to go down there a few years back, and I finally found out what the term 'earthy' means in regards to food. Traveling from Mexico City down to Oaxaca and Acapulco, I found out that the 'Mexican' food I'd been having was a farce all along. Real tacos don't have hard shells. Nachos are bullshit through and through. Tex-Mex is an unholy, yet delicious amalgam of it's own.

True Mexican food was a punch in the face, in the best way possible: Rich flavors, fresh ingredients and some of the most amazing hangover meals at some of those 4am back alley Taquerias, expertly navigated by my local friend. The Perrenial Plate created One Minute In Mexico to be a visual guide to the two weeks of eats they had traveling around Mexico, and damn does it look delicious.

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