Jan 6, 2014

Kim Jung Gi - Sudden Attack Timelapse

We've featured Kim Jung Gi before, a man that I've personally dubbed as a walking god of drawing with his inherent ability to freestyle massive pieces based off of any subject matter thrown at him. Some people have said that he's gifted with a photographic memory that allows him to draw from an incredibly rich visual library with clear detail, others have said that he's just a case of committing to a craft to an extreme degree. Whichever theory holds true, watching him work magic with brush pens is incredibly fun and awe inspiring at the same time.

Sudden Attack is one of my favorite 2013 pieces he's done so far, featuring a desperate battle between soldiers and a horde of undead abominations. The thing to note about his technique is how Kim's confidence and ability level is so high that he doesn't even need to block out his characters, it's free form sketching from start to finish with zero mistakes, as if the 9 foot long scene was already completely laid out in his head. Absolutely amazing. We'll be posting a few of his newer works over the next week or two for you guys to enjoy.

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