Jan 8, 2014

Kim Jung Gi - The Insane Dakar Rally Drawing Timelapse

More madness from the Korean artist who's been described multiple times as a 'god of freehand' drawing, this demonstration time lapse from a performance at Pohang (포항) will blow you away. In this demonstration Kim creates a sprawling scene of a Dakar rally-esque pit stop and rest area. Dozens of intricate vehicles, dozens of characters and a grasp on perspective and foreshortening that's just...Dizzying. No layout, no sketches in advance, it's all improvised from the incredibly expansive visual library he's accumulated in his head over the years.

And as a medium? A simple Pentel brush pen on a large sheet of paper. However, we should all know by now that it's not the tool that makes the artist, but the other way around. More of Kim Jung Gi's work coming soon.

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