Jan 8, 2014

Custom 'Tsugumori' Brings Knights of Sidonia Mech To Life

Before I splurge about my wants and desires for this custom figure, let me start off by saying if you haven't gotten a chance to dig into Tsutomu Nihei's Knights of Sidonia then you are severely missing out on a fantastic series. Nihei is best known for his work on the fantastic cyberpunk series Blame! but I'm tempted to proclaim that Knights of Sidonia sits comfortably next to Blame! as his best work. If you're not much of a manga/comic reader, you can always wait for the film adaptation that was announced earlier last year.

Now that I've gotten that small plug out of the way can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this figure? Artist S3, pieced together this incredible recreation of the series' staple mecha, Tsugumori, creating a better figure than the official release. While S3's work is a little bit more lanky than the original design, I completely dig his recreation, giving Tsugumori a bit more flexibility to it's heavy armored body.

After the jump is a full run down of the figure, take a look and sit wishing you had one to call your own.

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