Dec 15, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger Kills Everything

In this supercut to end all super cuts, Youtube user Auralnauts created this amazing ode to the one and only Governator. Kill Count serves as both a chronicle of every kill captured in the course of 24 movies as well as unintentionally showcasing the evolution of his Austrio-American accent. Check out the rules that they came up with for this 30 minute cinematic epic below.

1. Guns, blades and projectiles always kill unless otherwise depicted
2. Close proximity explosions kill unless otherwise depicted
3. Indirect kills as a result of an explicit action by Arnold count
4. Kills must occur on screen, or be reasonably indicated through on screen action
5. Dream sequences, fantasies or movies within a movie count. If it's on screen, it's a kill.
6. People that are killed more than once count each time.
7. We don't care what Mossberg says in T2. They didn't show that many.
8. Everything up to Escape Plan. Nothing unavailable on Bluray.

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