Dec 14, 2013

Everything Is A Remix - The Iphone Case Study

We've featured Kirby Ferguson time and time again for his Everything is a Remix series- a compelling look at how everything is inspired by something at some point. Over time he's done some truly fascinating studies on movies, music and beyond, and his latest installment turns the magnifying glass over at Apple's iPhone, a product that could not have existed without the innovations pioneered by many other companies. Time and time again we've been shown that some of the best inventions were simply created by remixing existing technologies or concepts.

From a website standpoint, two examples come to mind: A)Facebook, which pretty much killed Myspace by taking the idea of a social platform and streamlining it and B)Reddit, which was created to fill a void created by the disastrous Digg V4 implementation, which stripped power from the users. And honestly this mentality applies to just about any creative field. Every creation is inspired by something that came before it.

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