Nov 14, 2013

The Art of Nivanh Chanthara - Redux


Nivanh Chanthara's career has taken some pretty huge leaps forward lately. His proclivity for urban redecoration is already well-documented, but it's his professional work for the 2011 smash-hit Deus Ex: Human Revolution and his mysterious personal project Babel that's really peaked an interest in him recently. Chanthara takes the tried-and-tired theme of futuristic urban warfare and gives it his own spin. Fashion-savvy cyborgs, vagabonds touting intricate helmets of interlocking strata and abstract graffiti plastered across claustrophobic corridors and adorning camouflage.

Nivanh is currently a concept artist at Eidos-Montreal working on an undisclosed next-gen project (though one could venture to guess), but he's open to freelance commissions so long as their not video-game related. And that they pay. Check out more of his recent work below the break!

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