Nov 18, 2013

The 48 Hour Calarts "Duck" Film Festival Entries

Calarts holds a yearly film festival that challenges it's students to create animated shorts based off a theme or key word in just 48 hours. This years theme was simply 'Duck,' and a massive number of entries have been uploaded just recently to show off what these students came up with (After the break).

The shorts, in order: Abduckted by Seth Boyden, Duck Duck by Matthew Yang, La Vie by Sandeepan Chanda, Night Out by Lauren Adassovsky, Norovirus by Jackie Lee, The Baguette Burglar by Jason Reicher, The Quack by Monica Ekabutr, Whattheduck by Wylder Tomlins, Duck Cycle by Ryan Jouas, Magic Girl Mallory by Val Schwarz, Puptato by Madeleine Mathis, Duck by David Davis, Ducks Are Dicks by Tervero Knapp Jones, Quack Free by Vela Noble, Doodoo by Jerrold Chong, Pato by Tom Law and Duck Face by Yonatan Tal.

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