Oct 7, 2013

The Art Of Bid You Adieu

Due to her insistence on being anonymous, I chose to call this talented Japanese illustrator 'I Bid You Adieu' instead of her actual monicker, ▲III▲, which some might see as a little abstract of a nickname. I've realized that most of our art of posts have been mostly centered around Japanese/Chinese/Korean territories as of late, but hell it's hard to deny how playful and experimental some of these artists are.

There's no bad sentiment here, I just sometimes get the feeling that western art is more trend driven and a little less experimental at times, with some exceptions. When we've featured illustrators, quite a few of them tend to be easily placed into a stylistic 'box' of sorts as they all follow what the market demands of them. It becomes difficult over time to find young artists that are fortunate enough to be able to push the envelope in their very own ways, and as curators it requires much more digging. As a result we head into different territories to get a fresh perspective, while simultaneously keeping our eyes out for western talent. It's always an ebb and flow situation!

I Bid You Adieu channels folk art with a stream of conciousness style approach to her compositions, which are covered in patterns, romanticized colors and motifs reminiscent of feudal Japanese culture. These wild paintings are incredibly busy, nearly to a fault at times, but Adieu finds a way to always lead us back to a focal point amidst the colorful chaos she creates. Check out more of her visually stimulating work after the break.

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