Oct 8, 2013

Pixar's "Boats" - A Satirical Look At The Animation Industry

When Planes was announced under the Disney monicker as a spinoff of the rather underhwelming Pixar merchandising vehicles (Literally) known as Cars, I think most fans of the studio collectively wondered - What the hell is Pixar thinking? Well, billions of dollars of merchandising revenue is nothing to scoff at, and hey, a sequel called Planes - Fire & Rescue sequel is already slated coming out next summer. When Pixar was in their prime with movies like The Incredibles and Wall-E, I don't think anybody imagined that the company would ever put out a movie that didn't meet the high standards they set.

Youtube user JustinDec set out to sarcastically recreate what Pixar's creative process has probably turned into in recent years in regards to that particular franchise, and it wouldn't surprise me if this was their creative process as of late. It's really bugged me to see John Lasseter show signs of 'Lucas-ification' with rumors of micromanaging tendencies and him firing or replacing just about every director since Ratatouille, these are the troubling signs of becoming more of a businessman instead of a creative, emphasizing reward over risk.

As scathing and funny as this Boats parody is though, anyone else get the strange feeling that this might already be in the works at Pixar? Oh dear.

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