Oct 10, 2013

J, Robot - The Rise Of Robotics In Japan

In terms of advancing robotics for the benefits of humanity, I have no doubt in my mind that Japan is at the forefront of this global effort, spurred by boundless optimism, imagination and distinct societal differences in regards to the roles they might play. If you think about it all we hear about regarding robotics (At least in the US) these days is in regards to aerial drones and robots with military purposes, as cool as it sounds on paper I really doubt anything good will come out of this focus in the long term.

Director Michael Garrigues just recently released his unique documentary on Vimeo, which goes into the mindset of artists, inventors and innovators currently taking the steps to bring these concepts to reality. Centered around the set piece of a giant Tetsuji-28 (A popular vintage anime robot) built in the center of Kobe, the documentary also goes into the true meaning of these heroic mecha to a populace that has seen so much misfortune befall their town. The hour long documentary is currently available on Vimeo for a reasonable rental price of $2.

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