Oct 10, 2013

A Behind the Scenes Look at 'Escape from Tomorrow'

One of the most intriguing movies this year also has one of the craziest back-stories to it's filming method. Escape from Tomorrow was shot completely under Disney's radar, using Guerilla filming making techniques in one of the most observed locations in the world. The film, which releases tomorrow, is a dark and twisted descent into madness during one man's family vacation to Disney World. 
The idea of filming a feature length film in the biggest theme park in the world absolutely blows my mind, but thought of potentially losing all your work if caught sounds absolutely horrifying to me. The mental strain of always having to watch your back while in Disney World adds an entirely new level to the film.

Vice has done an amazing job at wrapping up the crews time in Disney World with this behind the scenes look. If you're as interested in the film's process as I am, definitely take a look, because I can't see Disney ever letting something like this fly again.

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