Oct 10, 2013

The Stanley Parable demolishes player choice, releases Oct. 17

The Stanley Parable was originally released in 2011 as a user-created mod for Half-Life 2, inspiring both an outpour of critical acclaim and confused head-scratching from fans, critics, and detractors alike. Since then Davey Wredren, the one-man team behind the original, has enlisted a small team of dedicated modders to remake the game entirely in the Source engine for Portal 2.  Now, after nearly two years of development, The Stanley Parable will finally be released in its full, stand-alone form on October 17th over Steam.

The Stanley Parable, at its most basic level, is a first-person exploration game about choice and consequence. You play as Stanley, a man whose life is narrated by a mysterious disembodied voice that can predict almost everything that he does or is about to do. The game is a total mind-f*ck, but that's to be expected when a game's mission statement is, "You will make a choice that does not matter, You will follow a story that has no end, You will play a game you cannot win."

Personally, I loved the original, can't wait to see what the remake offers, strongly believe that it's one of the most "important" games to come out in the past decade and seriously, why are you not playing this game right now?! Wreden's team have released a demo for the game which can be downloaded here.

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