Oct 14, 2013

Incredible Custom "Gundam x Attack on Titan" Crossover By Tori Han

I've never felt like I needed something more than I feel right now. Custom model builder, Tori Han has put together and painted a stunning homage to Attack on Titan with his custom Gundam Mikasa. Using a color scheme mirroring that of the anime's Survey Corps, Tori Han has not only perfected the uniform look but also handcrafted the weapons and maneuver gear. We've featured quite a few custom models in the past, but this is the first crossover that's truly caught my eye.

The attention to detail on every piece of the model is beautiful, and the articulation really sells this as a genuine piece of Attack on Titan merchandise. While I doubt we'll ever see a mass production of this beauty it'll definitely be at the top of my want list for days to come. After the break is bucketload of images showcasing the custom model's detail, take a look for yourself and share with me the feeling of want.

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