Oct 7, 2013

Frictional Games' "SOMA" Gets Second Teaser

Frictional Games is going full force with these teaser trailers, after last week's fantastic introduction the developer's second teaser trailer has me completely on board. There's certainly an interesting twist going on within this universe, and it's got my shaking with anticipation to see how it's fleshed out. It seems safe to assume that Frictional Games has developed a way to give a sense of morality to the enemies you'll be facing within their next project, that alone is enough to completely sell me.

The quality of these teaser shorts is killer, and while each 5-minute is a stationary shot, the amount of tension it builds for the upcoming release is amazing.

While the game is only being teased, it would seem Frictional Games has provided small details on how SOMA will scare you sh*tless. No longer will you be hunted by a horrifying monster, instead it would appear that you (or at least something that believes to be you) will be hunting yourself. I'm getting myself too excited for this game, but you can't tell me it hasn't at least perked your interest.

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