Oct 7, 2013

"Add Power To Your Life" - A Visually Stunning Ad

Director Sebastian Strasser was handed a brief by British telecom company Vodafone to create an ad for their mobile network, and he absolutely killed it with this insanely cool ad. Tapping into the musical talents of Woodkid and a message of constantly evolving and improving via a pseudo-scifi premise, this is quite possibly one of the most visually stunning ads we've ever run into this year.

Really makes you wonder why so few companies go down the route of more creative, inspiring or epic directions in regards to TV advertising to at least make it palatable. I'd be happy watching this ad a dozen times a day any day over the neutered, annoying bulls**t that makes people regret ever subscribing to cable. At least make an attempt to move us, put some effort into not being grating and jingle happy. No wonder Old Spice's unorthodox marketing campaigns stand out like a sore thumb in the US (In the best way possible).

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