Sep 26, 2013

Haven't Watched Madhouse's Redline Yet? It's Now Free

Well damn, this is pretty amazing news. Actually I'm kind of in disbelief that a company would do something this amazing, but give it up for Madhouse, as they've released the absolutely face meltingly good Redline feature anime on Youtube, for free. It's nearly too generous considering how good this movie is.

We've raved about Takeshi Koike's hyperkinetic movie countless times at this point, but if you can imagine a fine mixture of the stylishness of Cowboy Bebop, insane race sequences that would put Speed Racer to shame and insanity on par with Akira (Once you see that scene you'll know what I'm talking about), that is what Redline embodies. As one of my favorite anime features to be released in decades, I strongly recommend that you put aside two hours of your time and feast your eyes on this awesome movie, you will not regret it.

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