Sep 26, 2013

Beautiful Studio Ghibli Tributes - Mucha Style

Japanese illustrator Marlboro created an absolutely gorgeous set of Ghibli Tribute pieces, employing the timeless, graphic style of the Art Noveau illustrator Alphonse Mucha to bring two worlds together. Ranging from Nausicaa to My Neighbor Totoro, each of the posters encapsulate the entire plot and important elements in a truly creative manner, using intricate framing elements in line with Mucha's layered style.

Marlboro admits that he created all of these with no help of digital mediums, instead employing to go down an analog route using Copic markers and a felt-tip pen to execute these awesome illustrations. As the rather saddening news of Miyazaki's departure and the possible closure of Studio Ghibli continue to circulate, these pieces are a welcome reminder of the incredible movies they've brought to the world over the last few decades. May their legacy continue for many decades to come.

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