Sep 25, 2013

Vargold Norse Vodka Mockups Need To Be Produced

U.K. based illustrator Matt Taylor produced the art for these four fictions bottles of Vargold vodka. Sticking with a Nordic theme, each bottle features a different Norse mythos including Odin and his raven, Vidar battling Fenrir, and the unnamed eagle atop Yggdrasil. Everyone knows alcohol tastes better when the bottle is cooler looking, so it's obvious that if produced, Vargold would be the tastiest of vodka.

After the break are closeups of Taylor's work for you to feast your eyes on, hurry up and take a gander and demand that Vargold Norse Vodka be made! While I wouldn't mind finding myself having a taste one day, I'd be more inclined to put these beauties on display.

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