Sep 23, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV Eye Candy

Word on the street is that Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn is real good. A true redemption to the absolute train wreck that the original MMO was, a project launched unfinished that nearly crippled Square Enix due to the fact that it was well, an unplayable mess. Yet Square didn't give up on a project that they'd dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into, opting to do the unthinkable - Fixing it, revamping it and relaunching it in a last ditched effort to save it.

The trailer for the 'End Of An Era,' (You should check it out) was truly surreal, a slightly meta high budget cinematic that Square released to mark the end of the original FFXIV servers via an apocalyptic event that destroyed everything that represented their failure. The world was reset, and now there's a second chance for it to succeed. In the meanwhile, Square has been releasing some truly gorgeous promo materials by Kazuya Takahashi for you to feast your eyes on, which you can check out after the break. If you're interested in journeying to Eorzea and getting a taste of the new realm, head on over to the official Final Fantasy XIV website.

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