Sep 23, 2013

"Viva Namida" - A Musical Preview Of Space Dandy

As part of the ongoing promotion for Shinchiro Watanabe's (Cowboy Bebop) upcoming anime called Space Dandy, here's a new music video promo for the creators upcoming 2014 show. Considering the director's pedigree with associating western musical influences as an integral part of his shows ingredients, like Samurai Champloo's Hip-hop vibes compared to Cowboy Bebop's more Jazz/Blue feel, I'm not surprised to see music incorporated into promo materials.

The series follows 'Dandy,' a rather extravagant, self absorbed looking bounty hunter in his search for aliens with his feline assistant called Meow and robot assistant QT. The fact that the protagonist refers to himself as the 'dandiest man in space' definitely implies that this will be a more light hearted effort. The show will start airing next January.

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