Aug 14, 2013

The Stylized Art Of Alexey Samokhin

Alexey Samokhin is one of the Russian gaming industries most seasoned veterans, going under the monicker of 'Sidxartxa.' As a 31 year old artist, he's already giving lectures and teaching classes. Samokhin came into prominence with the launch of Nival's Allods Online, Russia's juggernaut MMO that rivaled World Of Warcraft in popularity in the region, and especially with it's beautifully stylized Eastern European flair. Kind of like the same phenomenon that circled around Arena Net's heavily artist driven Guild Wars franchise, it created a group of concept art community rockstars overnight with it's launch.

Unlike some of his Allods counterparts, Samokhin's stylistic affinity definitely leans more towards heavier stylization, with plenty of personality imbued into all his designs. After the break, check out a small sampler of his stylized, colorful pieces.

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