Aug 14, 2013

Craig McCracken's 'Wander Over Yonder'


Disney has been doing a phenomenal job on improving their animated lineup for television. After the debut of fantastic Gravity Falls I was incredibly interested to see what they would be bringing to the table next. Debuting this Friday, Craig McCracken (The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends) will make his return to the animated world on the Disney channel with Wander Over Yonder.

The series follows Wander, an intergalactic traveler whom travels from planet to planet to help people have fun. While the plot seems relatively hokey, this is Craig McCracken after all and I don't expect the show to be anything less than fantastic. The above clip is a quick glimpse at what's to come, and it's got me hyped. The character designs are extremely reminiscent to Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends which could lend itself nicely to a few special cameos.

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