Jul 28, 2013

Why Not Hand Over A Shelter To Hermit Crabs?

One of the coolest uses of 3d printing I've seen so far, artist Aki Inomata was inspired by her pet hermit crab to embark on a journey to take advantage of the crustaceans built in competitive side to claim ever larger shells. The minimalist video (Including having no audio) chronicles the creation of a 'Kingdom Shell,' in 3D to placing the finished, translucent product in the crabs tank, and the inevitable take over.

Considering all the previous applications we've seen for 3D printing technology, this idea was truly born from Inomata's whimsical love for her unlikely pet, and her need to indulge it's primal instincts. Now we need a proper sequel to Shadow Of The Colossus to see this moving city in action.

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