Jul 4, 2013

Steampunk Lego Construct - The Amagosa

Based off of Theo Jansen's incredible kinetic sculpture principles, dubbed as 'Strandebeests,' Lego hobbyist/brick head Jason Allemann created a truly unorthodox land ship with mechanized leg functions powered and controlled by Lego Power Functions, typically intended for the more advanced 'Technic' sets.

Aside from it's incredible walking system, 'The Amagosa' features a whole slew of awesome little features, ranging from a fully functional crane to a rather cool trading ship flavor with post apocalyptic elements. It's just really cool to see people replicate the engineers massive scaled creations and incorporate them into this medium, which I originally wouldn't have though possible. Allemann has shared the how-to for building the walking structure on his Rebrickable page, which allows creators to share the building instructions for their Lego creations.

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