Jul 4, 2013

Dropsy Has One Of The Best Kickstarter Videos Ever

Kickstarting a game is hard, at least when it comes to gaining attention amongst the hordes of submitted titles. While having a good concept certainly helps, a solid Kickstarter video will definitely get you a step in front of the rest and luckily Jay Tholen's Dropsy does both extremely well. Who can say no to a Kickstarter featuring both a rap and an auto-tuned list of rewards, especially when the game looks as intriguing and original as Dropsy. If you don't think a Kickstarter video is enough to make you throw money at your screen then I dare you watch this in it's entirety. 

Dropsy is labeled as a 'surreal exploration based adventure game' in which you take the role of an ugly clown with no hands (nightmare fuel much?). Sure, Dropsy may look horrifying but he has a heart of gold, and the world he inhabits looks to be more insane than he looks. The game features a story with no dialogue, instead players must use visual queues in order to progress in their adventure.

The game looks and sounds incredibly unique and I'm pretty damn excited to get my hands on this when it releases. For a list of rewards and to donate, head over to the Kickstarter page here.

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