Jul 29, 2013

Space Shower TV's Amazing TV Idents

Japan's answer to a lack of music video dedicated television channel came in the form of Space Shower TV, who took advantage of MTV phasing out the classic formula that made them so successful by appropriating the rich combination of memorable idents and go figure, music themed programming. While it seems like a no-brainer to most audiences who grew up with the classical formula on their music channels, try explaining that to modern day, out of touch corporate overlords running these networks.

We've featured their amazing 30-45 second idents before, but the extremely prolific channel has put out dozens more, pushing the envelope with some truly imaginative new mediums of delivery, including glitch art, pixel hacking and more. Examples like Otsuki Strong's amazing PC Engine tribute to retro Japanese anime dating sims (Above), Memory Crush or YKBX's glitch/anime Electronica kind of make me long for the days that channels had more of a strong visual identity compared to what we get these days. Check out just a small handful of idents created recently for the vibrant channel after the break.

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