Jul 29, 2013

Pacific Rim Trailer - The Toho Godzilla Version

Created by Youtube user Honda Brigit as an earnest attempt to 'pray for the success of Pacific Rim in Asia,' this awesomely grindhouse-y trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's greatest film yet combines the classic Godzilla style trailer with the modern Kaiju battle film in an old meets new fashion. In regards to the timing of this Toho trailer, Pacific Rim will be hitting some of it's potentially huge markets later this week with a release in China on the 31st of July and Japan on August 9th.

While the movie under performed in the US with an $80,000,000 gross against it's $190,000,000 budget, it's fared much better in the worldwide market with $140,000,000 in revenue and counting. Here's to hoping that the movie blows up when it hits it's last batch of markets in the next few weeks.

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