Jul 7, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Bloc Party, Phoenix, Hodgy Beats

This absolutely deranged, yet hypnotizing music video for Ratchet, taken from Bloc Parties upcoming Nextwave Sessions EP is a dance oriented affair with a complete glitchfest of a music video, filled with random gif-like loops, intentional visual corruption and even repurposed footage from their 2012 Octopus music video. I wasn't sure who created the video until frontman Kele Oreke started sprouting multiple versions of himself, at which point I realized it was the craftwork of the deranged British Aftereffects warlock himself, Cyriak, who's recently collaborated with the likes of Bonobo and Flying Lotus on various music videos.

Trying To Be Cool is the new single from Phoenix's 'Bankrupt!' album following the fantastically catchy Entertainment directed by Canada and produced by the Intel/VICE headed Creators Project. The more understated track starts off normally enough, but quickly spirals into absurdity with their unique approach to creating the video: Two film crews went head to head to try and create increasingly bizarre shots and scenarios taking place inside the studio where the Phoenix folks are peforming. The end result is a wonderfully spontaneous, fun endeavor.

Odd Future rapper and the second head of the MellowHype duo Hodgy beats just released his 'Untitled 2' EP about a month ago, and just recently followed it up with a fresh video co-directed with Ian Flanagan for Alone. The surreal affair transitions between a room in which everything is fake, a beach in which he's buried up to his neck, and a serene field, visually reflecting the introspective messages of emptiness, insecurity and loneliness presented in the track.

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