Jul 7, 2013

The Making Of Gotye's "Easy Way Out"

Today a question that bugged me for ages was finally answered: Why did the excellent music videos for Gotye's excellent 2011 release, Making Mirrors take up to a year to debut following the release of the album? I initially attributed it to the explosion of the album after Somebody That I Used To Know turned into an international hit, but following the release of this making of for Easy Way Out it all makes a little more sense now.

The level of artistry in each of his music videos was rather amazing, but it's rare to hear of music videos that take over 9 months to produce like the one for Easy Way Out Did. Considering the complexity of the scenario, starring a mixture of stop motion and live action integrated together in a seemingly one-take shot style presentation I'm not too surprised, although I've seen feature length movies created in less time. Nonetheless the making of is a playful look at at the construction of the set, some of the techniques used to create the interesting hybird of stop motion and live action and a fine dose of goofing off thrown in for good measure. Check out the original video after the break.

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