Jul 16, 2013

Limón Studios "Ibizious" Is Retrofuturistic Gold

Directed by Ernest Desumbila of the Barcelona based Limón Estudios, this ad for a finctional drink called 'Ibizious' is so ridiculously over the top, so fantastically crafted and beautifully stuck in the past that my mind hurt from the sheer awesome I experienced. If anything this sample piece should be a lightning rod for clients, indicating how well this studio can nail a certain style and all it's potential spinoffs within one video. Let's go through the 80's check list present in just this video: Copious amounts of sprites? Check. Chrome? Check. A fleet of vintage Testarossa Ferrari's traveling across a neon grid? Check. Stumbling zombies? Check. Retro synth music? Yep. This video has it all.

If you take the time to pause during the video, you'll notice that each shot is so well crafted that they could also double as images for print ads, no sweat. We've compiled a whole slew of these images for your reference, as it's a testament to what a good art director (Ivan Trivino) can accomplish for any project. Just the sheer energy in this video made my day that much more awesome, and I'm going off of 3 hours of sleep here. Check out a massive collection of amazing stills from Ibizious after the break! Kudos to Limón Estudios for absolutely killing it with this project, and I hope they stick around for a long time to come.

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