Jul 16, 2013

The Colorful Art Of Julian Callos

Julian Callos is an LA based illustrator who draws inspiration from a great deal of influences, including fine art, comic books and the cartoons he's growing up with to inspire his visual identity. As a full time freelancer and gallery artist (Meaning an artist who exhibits in shows regularly to make a living), Julian's colorful illustrations take on many identities, ranging from colorful, playful graphic fanart to more subtle, clean pieces reminiscent of many editorial illustrators in the industry. I personally couldn't pass up the awesome Kill Bill/Battle Royale mashup he created.

With a nice mix of fanart and more serious work, it seems like Callos has a nice balance in his portfolio of personal and professional pieces to give him a nice, rounded edge. His work has been published in publications including Hi Fructose, NICE Magazine, LA Weekly and Juxtapoz, as well as exhibiting in countless noteworthy locations including Gallery Nucleus, Spoke Art and Gallery 1988. Check out more pieces from his ever growing portfolio after the break, and score some awesome prints from his store while you're at it.

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