Jun 11, 2013

Watch Dogs - A Surpisingly Ambitious Open World Cyberpunk Adventure

Ubisoft's upcoming new open world IP really caught us off guard in terms of it's ambitious scope and many ways to interact with the environment. Inspired by the entire concept of information warfare, a matter reflected in real life recently with controversies like the PRISM initiative, Watch Dogs follows the exploirts of Aiden Pearce and his ability to hack into devices all controlled by his cities centralized operating system.

We witnessed everything from hacking into a guy's webcam to distracting police by causing electronic malfunctions, and it goes even deeper than that with in game augmented reality, MMO aspects similar to summoning help from fellow hackers like in Dark Souls and more. We've seen plenty of open world/sandbox style games over the years, but Watch Dogs is truly trying to push the envelope in terms of how you interact with your environment. A ton of potential in this one for all new gameplay experiences once it launches on all the systems later this years.

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