Jun 17, 2013

The Miniatures Of Revolve-Gear

Revolve-Gear is the alias for Takumi Takaoka, a Japanese graphic designer by trade with a truly cool hobby on the side as a model kitbasher. For those unaware, kitbashing is a model kit practice in which a new model is created by taking pieces out of different commercial kits and reassembling them into something completely new and unique. The practice has been around for years, and came into prominence in the movie industry when practical effects were still in full swing.

In Japan there's a huge community dedicated to this craft, making use of the plethora of kits to assemble some truly badass new creations without having to build much from scratch. Takumi's approach draws a lot of inspiration from the work and model kits related to Maschinen Krieger, a universe created by Kow Yokoyama in the 80's that mixed scifi aesthetics with World War II era design language. If you're looking for some reasons to get yourself involved in a hobby that will burn holes in your pockets, check out a few more example of the fruits of Takaoka's hobby after the break. 

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