Jun 17, 2013


Created by Sasha Schotzo-Harris as part of her second year Calarts project, Portentous stood out from the mostly 2D animated crowd thanks to her choice to go down a stop motion route. Featuring a 50's era diver exploring a strange derelict boat camped at the bottom of the ocean, the entire affair has a moody, Kubrick inspired feel to it, especially considering the supernatural elements the unfortunate diver encounters. Perhaps it was all due to a lack of oxygen, or something far more sinister? We'll never know, but things aren't as they seem on this shipwreck.

One thing I'd like to point out is that the diver had a helmet, which meant that Sasha probably had to remove the helmet face, move the head and place it back frame by frame to create the more expressive moments present in the short. You've got to appreciate that kind of drive to overcome production obstacles like that.

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