Jun 17, 2013

Disasterpeace Brings A Collection Of Awesomness With Strays

After being launched into nerd stardom with the incredible soundtrack for Phil Fish's Fez, Disasterpeace has maintained an incredibly busy musical career. Following two remix albums for Fez, Disasterpeace has released Strays, an album filled with tracks from non-existant projects, game jams, and other projects. Despite being an album filled with random songs from here and there, Strays will fill your daily dose of Chiptune quite nicely.

For a minimum donation of $1 you can pick up the album from Disasterpeace's website over here, but after a few personal sessions of heavy listening, Strays falls more in line with a fully produced $10 album than a budget album of assorted tracks. I don't know what Disasterpeace ate while growing up, but it apparently gave him the ability to consistently craft pure Chiptune gold.

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