Jun 16, 2013

The Making Of The E3 Titanfall Mech

One of the coolest E3 set pieces came in the form of the gigantic Titanfall mech which graced the entrance to the showfloor. Aside from being a 1:1 scale replica, the mech was impressively detailed, covered in battle wear, dings, scratches and an attention to detail that we've rarely seen for such a display at previous conventions. During an after party we happened to get into a conversation with some Respawn studios developers, and learned some rather surprising details about the making of the mech: While the mostly foam base was contracted out to a third party, the actual weathering, details and attachments on the mechs were taken care of by artists who worked on Titanfall.

Described as a 'fun little project,' the developer disclosed that a group of game artists spent a few weeks gathering up found objects and hardware from places like Home Depot and went to town on detailing the display and mech with spent shell casings, paint damage, rust, decals and more. Considering the amount of work that these devs put into a display model of one of their Titan mechs, I can only imagine how that type of passion will translate into the final game. Check out a ton more detail shots, and a turnaround of the full mech after the break.

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