Jun 26, 2013

The Art Of Aaron Jasinski

Absurd surrealism and pop culture make up the repertoire of Seattle based illustrator Aaron Jasinski, a traditional illustrator who's gained fame internationally for his distinct painting style and subject matter. Smattered with odes to pop culture, music, nostalgic references and strange, whimsical creatures, each piece bears it's own identity, while retaining a distinctly similar formula  unique to the whims of the artist.

Jasinski's work falls into the realm of Pop-Surrealism, a movement born in the 1970's as an underground art movement in California, a space inhabited by the likes of artists like Mark Ryden (Who most recently illustrated the cover of Tyler The Creator's Wolf), who follows the same absurdist formula to create some truly striking imagery. When I last saw his work publically, his pieces seemed to be tied together by a reoccurring theme of Abraham Lincoln and meat. Check out more of Aaron's surreal pieces after the break.

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