Jun 26, 2013

Metome - "Paper Moon"

Animated by Japanese animator Asami Ike, this music video for Paper Moon was created for Takahiro Uchibori's solo electro project called 'Metome,' starring a collection of blissful, zero gravity animals to accompany the chilled out synths underlying this track. The track is from Metome's EP Phreatic Surface, which is out now via the excellent up and comer label, King Deluxe.

Metome hails from Osaka, Japan.  First teaching himself to play the bass, his Marcus Miller styled funk now occasionally leaps into his current productions.  As well he shows some remarkable keyboard skills, especially on his favourite Rhodes piano, which he mixes seamlessly with sampled instruments and repitched vocals.

Besides music, he’s a student of design who creates his own cover artwork, inspired by artists like Saul Bass and Mario Hugo. Other inspirations include Kubrick, Hitchcock, and of course Cornelius.  

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