Jun 8, 2013

Boards of Canada's - "Reach For The Dead"

Oh my GOD. I don't know what is going on, but I do believe the end is nigh. First the news hits that Neutral Milk Hotel is returning for tour and now we're getting a new Boards of Canada album after nearly 8 years of absence. It's like my ears have fallen off and ventured off into a fantastic place where all my favorite musicians continue to play.

The return of Boards of Canada is truly some of the most exciting news in the music scene in the last few years. The band's distinct sound is something that fans of electronic ambient should never miss, hell even fans of chill music in general shouldn't miss out. With influences from early sci-fi films and the 1970's Nation Film Board of Canada, the group continues to lead the way with relaxing beats. Within four days (June 11th) their newest full length album, Tomorrow's Harvest will be hitting stores for your buying pleasure. Consider my money taken. 

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