Jun 11, 2013

Monolith Soft's Project X Wiiu Trailer Rekindles Our Interest In RPG's

If you've never played Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, the game was an absolute ode to an era in which games like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Persona and similar JRPG titles dominated the gaming landscape, a time in which games like Call Of Duty didn't even exist (Imagine that). Many people argue that it was the best JRPG title to come out in years, offering relatable characters, an epic storyline and a very well designed battle system.

The company's history is the most interesting aspect, especially founder Tetsuya Takahashi's vision for a 'Xeno' series dates back to 1998, when Takahashi directed the critically acclaimed Xenogears. Over the course of 13 years Takahashi and his team have attempted to fulfill their wild ambition of a cohesive series but have encountered numerous roadblocks in their path, including the folks at Square deeming Xenogears as 'Too dark and complicated,' to the ill fated destiny of the Xenosaga franchise, cut short during his tenure at Namco/Bandai. While we are as of yet unsure as to the relation of X to Xenoblade Chronicles, there's already enough similarities to safely speculate that this may be the case. If X turns out as good as it looks, I might finally be convinced to take the Wiiu plunge.

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